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Re-enacting Umbrella Organizations.

New England Brigade Website for the brigade we belong to

New England Civil War Events (Greater New England)

United States Volunteers Website for the bridge we belong to:

The Liberty Greys (6th Regiment, ANV), are an organization of Confederate reenactors based in the New England area.

The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Co.A,Inc. is a Union Civil War living history and reenactment organization in the greater Connecticut area, active from Virginia to New England.


Helpful Civil War Sites

The Authentic Campaigner: I recommend this site if consider yourself a[progressive/authentic/hardcore] campaigner, or if you want to improve your impression.

The Civil War Reenactors Home Page” This page is dedicated to the brave souls, North and South, who fought in the war between the states. I hope that you will find some useful information here. Please check back often for updates. Comments are also welcome.

Fife & Drum

General Gateway site for Fife and Drum corps.  Has an on-line store for buying items for fife and drum  (music, instruments, etc.), Forums, Directory of Fife and Drum Corps,  Links and News.

Civil War Field Music / First Regiment USV : Field Music of the 1st Penna Reserve Volunteer Corps (30th P.V.I.) is under the leadership of Boy Scouts of American Venture Crew 1861



United States Civil War Center Louisiana State University Promoting the study of the Civil War from the perspectives of all professions, occupations, and academic disciplines.

Connecticut Historical Society - Civil War Collection

The Connecticut Historical Society has an extensive collection of Civil War related material: private letters of soldiers and their families, stationary, edged weapons and firearms, costumes, and prints and lithographs.

Connecticut History

Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield CT



Authentic Sutlers

Blockade Runner:, 931-389-9111.

Out of Tennessee, this sutler is in the same category as the above mentioned; decent quality, but not high-end.  Large inventory, reasonable prices, quick shipping, pleasant to deal with and good communication.  Sometimes items are out of stock, but nothing to complain about.  They have some affordable tents, musket parts (they focus on Enfields).  They were offering musket defarb service but that is suspended right now.  Good shirts for the money.  They seem to be running a good operation and should be checked out for ordinary items.


S&S Sutlery of Gettysburg:, 717-338-1990.

Campaigner quality items.  Small inventory but what they have is high quality, although a little more pricey.  Very nice to deal with, in stock items are shipped quickly.  Probably the best quality Federal Issue blanket commonly available right now, although at $135 expensive.  Made by Family Heirloom Weavers.  Good for spare buttons, hardware, etc.  They offer uniform items.  I got an excellent overcoat from them.  Custom orders mostly, but have some coats in stock.  Good tinware as well.


Missouri Boot and Shoe Co.:">, 417-451-6100.

Neosho, MO.  Top of the line footwear.  My brogans came from here and they're fabulous. More expensive at $200.  Have to send in foot tracings and measurements.  All custom made, so there will be a wait time of several weeks at least.  They also make high end accoutrements, haversacks and knapsacks.  Very pleasant to deal with, a good outfit.


Duvall Leatherworks:, 570-283-9297. Kingston, PA.

The best accoutrements available.  All custom made to order, expensive as a complete set is over $400.  Also has rifle slings and other leather items.  Good communication and very professional. If not too busy items are competed quickly.  Good outfit.


Wambaugh, White and Co.:, 517-303-3609. Charlotte, MI.

High end uniforms.  Best sack coats and excellent trousers, shirts and drawers. All custom made.  Expensive and there is usually a three month wait for garments, although they do have some items in stock; according to their website they have some shirts and sack coats right now. Communication isn't always prompt, they seem to be very busy.


Dirty Billy's Hats:, 717-334-3200. Gettysburg PA.

With the decline of Sekela, the best source for quality headgear.  I got an excellent type II forage cap from him.  Shipping is quick if the item is in stock.  Custom orders will take some time.  Pricey, the cap was $135.







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