2d Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment


*New!* Cedar Creek 145th, October 2009 Middletown, VA.

Gettysburg 145th, July 2008 Gettysburg, PA.

Woodbury,Ct. Reenactment pictures Aug 18-19 2007

Borderlands, June 17-19 2006 Easton Massachusetts

Warm-up Weekend, May 21 Woodbury Connecticut

Appomatox, April 8-10 Appomatox Virginia

Cedar Creek, October 15-17 2004 Middletown Virginia

140th Gettysburg, August 4-6 2003 Pennsylvania

Cold Harbor,Virginia / Battle field Monument June 1 2003

Antietam 140th, August 13- 15 2002 Sharpsburg, MD

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