2d Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment

The 2d CVHA In Action!

To accomplish part of our mission, the 2d CVHA participates in re-enactments, living histories and parades. These events give us the chance to bring the history of the War of the Rebellion to life and bring the public in touch with the history of this era. Click on the links below to see Pictures from past events.

*Updated!* Re-enactments are events where a battle from the War of the Rebellion is re-created with authentic weapons, uniforms and tactics. Modern reenacts portray units from the North and the South, as well as important public figures consistent with the events.

*Updated!* Living histories are static public events. Usually the unit sets up a military camp reflective of the War of the Rebellion period.

*Updated!* Parades we do to bring the 2d CVHA to the public and get to experience War of the Rebellion drill and ceremony.

We also maintain and honor the graves and Monuments of the original 2d CVHA and the War of the Rebellion. We work towards their restoration and the remembrance of the fallen.

On Occasion we have social events , to build unit camaraderie and have fun together

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