Battle for the Shenandoah Valley - Spectator Weekend Schedule
Day/Time Description
- -
Saturday -
- -
8:00 8:00am Street closure on Judson Ave. will be enforced for Vehicles.
- -
8:30 Camps open to Public / Sutlers are open / food vendors are on site
10:00am Town of Unity Grange Fair- Judging to commence and continue till approximately 4 PM.
10:00 Battalion dress Parade / Confederate & Union Forces
10:30 U.S. Grant to review Union Forces
11:00 Battle Skirmish
12:00 Noon Meal
12:30 General Lee — portrayed Kent Sinram
1:45 Form up for Battle (to include inspection of weapons)
2:30 Battle of 3rd Winchester
3:30 Artillery and Gatling Gun Demonstrations on Battlefield
4:00 Mother Bickerdyke - A talk by Susan Kirsch
6:00 The Providence Brigade Band : Demonstration of Period music from the Civil War era.
7:30pm Camps closed to Public
- -
Sunday -
- -
8:30 Camps open to Public / Sutlers are open / food vendors are on site
9:00 Church Call(Non-denom Services @ Confed Camp, Catholic @ Union Camp)
10:00 Battalion Dress Parade
10:00 Lincoln – portrayed Mr. Howard Wright
10:30 Lincoln – to review the Union Forces / R.E.Lee and Jeff Davis to review Confederate troops
11:00 Battle Skirmish
11:45 Harriet Beecher Stowe – Portrayed by Jane Sabatelli
12:00 Noon Meal
12:00 Fair Prize ribbons to be awarded in Unity.
12:30 Mary Ann Bronson, a doctor’s wife - portrayed Marylou Pavlik
1:00 Form up for Battle(to include inspection of weapons)
1:30 Battle of Cedar Creek
3:00 Break Camps
- -
- Mrs. Sally Asevica will speak on "Dirty Laundry" Civil War Laundress' and Women in the War in the Federal (Union) camp. Times and talks will vary thoughout the weekend.
PLEASE NOTE: All times and Demos are subject to change without notice

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