1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or the use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated and are prohibited. Local police take notice.
  2. Authentic Union and Confederate camps will be established. No wall or fly tents will be allowed on the company streets. Any participant not an officer and having a wall tent will be placed in an area away from the camp. All modern items and equipment will be kept out of public view during the event.
  3. All Reenactors must Check In at the Registration Station upon arrival. Once there you will receive your pass and Information Package.
  5. The river and pond will be off limits for BATHING & DRINKING. Signs will be posted.
  6. Vehicles are permitted into authentic camping area to unload for a maximum of 30 minutes. Please Un-load and Move your vehicle to designated parking area.
  7. All Vehicles must be OUT of camps by 8AM on Saturday and will NOT be allowed back into Camps until AFTER Sunday's battle. Please make plans in advance if you are planning on leaving early to hike out your provisions! ILLEGALLY PARKED CARS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER'S EXPENSE. This will be enforced!!
  8. During the Battle Scenarios Civilians and Spectators will not be allowed on the battlefield. Only NEB and Liberty Greys Military Reenactors.
  9. ALL Civilians should remain in period attire though out the Event Weekend. Modern dress will be frowned upon by the Civilian Hosts.
  10. Camping is allowed only in pre-designated areas. No modern camping and RV parking will be provided.
  11. All Quiet in Camps after 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Please have consideration for others.
  12. Fire pits and Trash- You are reenacting on Public Land, Each Company is required to have Fire Buckets available and filled at all times. Before the Sunday battle, all campfires should be out and sod replaced. All trash should be bagged and placed at designated Pick up points. Thank you.
  13. Artillery pieces may be quartered with its unit, provided No modern trailers or vehicles remain in the camp.

* Unless, Artillery units need to move there pieces on or off the field or into position.


  1. No participant under the age of 16 years will be allowed to carry or fire any firearm or serve on any cannon crew.
  2. No participant under the age of 12years will be allowed on the field during battles. No exceptions. All Minors (military or civilian) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is responsible for her/him for the weekend.
  3. US and CS Musicians Participating who is 12 -15 years of age must be functioning Musicians and has proved his/her abilities to the Head Musicians of the NEB and Liberty Greys.
  4. The Quarter-Master and Provost for each side shall be responsible for enforcing conduct of the troops.(Including restricting vehicles in camps during off hours, noise, etc.). ** Local police will be responsible for anything outside the fence & emergency situations on the battlefield. Event Hosts will be responsible for parking & Sutler areas.
  5. Firewood and hay will be provided by Event Host at designated points and are to be distributed under the command of the QM. Water will be available- The Washing of dishes at spigots will not be allowed. Keep it Sanitary!!
  1. No officer, except Battalion Commanders, shall have a rank higher than Major. Any officer with the rank higher than Captain, must be able to justify rank to NEB or the Liberty Grey's Commanders.
  2. Officers and NCOs should be kept to a minimum in each unit. Officers must be correctly attired and equipped.
  3. Uniforms and equipment must represent the Civil War time period - AUTHENTICS ONLY. It is requested that all participants attempt an 1864 appearance for this event. The use of modern blue jeans, modern work shirts, pants, desert boots, modern eyewear will not be permitted. Uniforms should be made of woolen materials. NO SYNTHETICS. All participants when on the battlefield or under arms will wear sack coat, shell jacket, or frock coat.

* Note: August can be brutal at times! If it is extremely hot, allowances to the Reenactor's Dress code will come into play for everyone's safety.

  1. Infantry participants should allow 100 rounds of ammunition for the weekend. Any participant running out of ammunition will be expected to become a casualty. Taking of Hits in keeping with battle scenario will be greatly appreciated by those attending as well as participating.
  2. Close fighting, if done, shall be rehearsed prior to the battle. This will be done only by those groups given permission by the commanding officers to do so, and only if it pertains to the battle scenario.
  3. Except when simulating a hit, all participants are expected to remain with their units. NO CHARGING THE ENEMY BY AN INDIVIDUAL WILL BE TOLERATED.
  4. NO FLAG GRABBING, This will be done only by those groups given permission by both Commanding officers of the NEB and Liberty Greys.
  5. The use of National or Battle flags during the battles is at the discretion of the overall commanders.
  1. No live ammunition will be allowed on the grounds. Weapons may not be discharged within the boundaries of the camp area and are to be discharged only during the reenactments.
  2. Infantry long arms shall be loaded with no more than 60 grains of powder. Two band weapons or cut down weapons of any kind are not allowed. No flintlocks, Kentucky Rifles, shotguns, modern style rifles, or modern pistols are to be used or displayed. In other words, NO NON-PERIOD WEAPONS.
  3. All weapons must pass weapon inspections prior to the start of the battles. Any weapons failing inspection conducted by NEB and Liberty Greys will not be allowed into the Battle.
  4. No "penny wrapper", staples, wads or tape are to be used in making the cartridges. No fixed bayonets during the battles. Ramrods may be carried, but not used. Bayonet must remain sheathed during battles.
  5. Direct, aimed fire shall not take place inside 40 yards distance. In no case will firing take place inside 25 yards distance between opposing forces.
  6. Artillery other than full scale pieces shall be permitted at the discretion of the Chief of Artillery of each army. Written approval must accompany registration.

This event will follow all Safety Regs. Of the New England Brigade

Liberty Greys

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