2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery
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Thank you for your interest in the 2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery.

( )If you choose to enlist as a Regular Member, you are required to participate in five Regimental functions per year including educational and organizational meetings, School of the Soldier, living histories and reenactments.

( )You may choose to enlist as an Associate Member. An Associate Member is one who wishes to be a military/civilian, or non re-enactor member of the 2nd Conn. Heavy Artillery but cannot or does not wish to fulfill the attendance requirements necessary for Full membership. Dues are the same as regular membership and will entitle the Associate Member to the monthly newsletter, email blasts, and also cover liability insurance when participating in a Company event. The A.M. is expected to accurately portray his impression, be proficient in military drill (if appropriate) and be SAFE. His participation will be at the discretion of the Executive Board and/or the field commander. The A.M. has no voting rights, and cannot hold office or rank.

To field with replica black powder firearms before the public, ALL members are required to be 16 years old, and meet all other requirements.

Membership and participation in 2CVHA events is voluntary. Members who participate in 2CVHA events shall adhere to items of self-government, and practice all safety rules as specified by the Regimental manual through the offices of the Executive Committee.

The 2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery is committed to practical historical accuracy and fun!

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Unit recruitment contact:
Mail to Randy Pesut
51 S. Eagle St.
Terryville, CT. 06786

For more information contact Capt. Victor Scalora
34 Mountainview Dr.
Newtown CT. 06470