2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment

What The 2d is about...

The 2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery is a non profit civil war reenacting organization. Founded in 1997 by two "Historically Minded" original members wishing to commemorate the men and the time period of the original 19th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry and the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Company I of Woodbury, Ct.

Since the founding of the organization, it has steadily grown into one of the finest groups in the hobby of civil war reenacting. The group currently has 60 members under arms and at times are joined at events by a civilian contingent of family members. We are based out of Woodbury, Connecticut, but we have members ranging from New York to Massachusetts. We are proud members of the United States Volunteers (USV) and the New England Brigade (NEB).

Besides reenactments, many of our members make numerous appearances throughout New England at school programs, community events and historical societies, educating the public on the life of the soldiers and civilians during the "Period of Rebellion".

To learn the artillery aspects of the units history, original members drilled on a 6 pounder cannon with Battery F, 1st Rhode Island Artillery. The unit also trained with the 9th Massachusetts Light Artillery, fielding with them at the 135th Battle of Antietam and the 135th Battle of Gettysburg. To learn the infantry side of war, members fielded with Company A, 8th CT Vol. Infantry.

The 2nd Connecticut portrays Union (Federal) infantry focused on June 1st, 1864, the Battle of Cold Harbor, VA when the original men of the 2nd Connecticut received their "Baptism under Fire" after being ordered by General Grant out of the forts of Washington to replenish the Union Army's numbers.

For the unit's Federal impression, a 3 band Enfield musket is carried. The "Uniform of the day" is an artillery frock coat. This reflects the period in time after which the old 19th Infantry was redesignated an artillery regiment in November, 1863. Frock coats are the preferred dress coat but new members are encouraged to purchase a sack coat for their first year. This is to defer cost and allow flexibility when called upon to portray infantry earlier in the war.

In June of 2003, the membership dedicated a monument to the 2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery at the Cold Harbor, VA battlefield with the help of membership fundraising efforts and a state grant. The monument is the only one on the battlefield devoted to northern soldiers. The 2nd Connecticut has established a "Good Works" fund drawing from stipends earned from parades, living histories and school programs which help to subsidize other historical preservation and conservation efforts in the New England area.

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