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This is a living breathing document that we update on a regular basis.  Unit members who want sites added can send a note to the webmaster.


New England Brigade
Website for the brigade we belong to. The New England Brigade is umbrella organization composed of Civil War living historians
Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Co.A, Inc.
The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Co.A,Inc. is a Union Civil War living history and reenactment organization in the greater Connecticut area, active from Virginia to New England.
The Authentic Campaigner
I recommend this site if consider yourself a[progressive/authentic/hardcore]campaigner, or if you want to improve your impression. This site is a treasure trove of good information and lively debate.
The Civil War Reenactors Home Page
This page is dedicated to the brave souls, North and South, who fought in the war between the states. I hope that you will find some useful information here. Please check back often for updates. Comments are also welcome.
Joe's Civil War Reenactors Page
Joe Santacroce's Reenactors site. Joe is a reenactor in the Second Connectricut Volunteer Heavy Artillery.
11th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, Company A

Civil War Reenactment Headquarters

Fife & Drum

Fife & Drum Online
General Gateway site for Fife and Drum corps.  Has an on-line store for buying items for fife and drum  (music, instruments, etc.), Forums, Directory of Fife and Drum Corps,  Links and News.
Fife and Drum web ring
This Web Ring is devoted to web sites related to fifing and drumming worldwide, including (but not limited to) - American "ancient" Fife and Drum, reenactor/musicians, the UK Corp of Drums Society, Irish flute bands, Swiss Cliques, etc...
Lancraft Fife & Drum Corps Home Page

Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps


The 2nd South Carolina String Band

Civil War Music Site
From the loud field drum that kept everyone in step to the sentimental songs that soldiers sang in their free time, music played an extremely important part in the American Civil War. This site contains everything from fife tunes to song lyrics to photographs of Civil War bands that we have gathered. Whether you are a Civil War buff or a Civil War re-enactor, we hope that you can benefit from the research that we have done and the information that we have put on this site.
Poetry and Music of the War Between the States
The War Between the States was the pivotal event in our Nation's history. If you want only the facts about the conflict, any textbook will do. But if you want to understand the thoughts and emotions of the men who faced each other across the battlefield and those who waited for them at home, look to the poems and songs written during and after the War.


United States Civil War Center Louisiana State University
Promoting the study of the Civil War from the perspectives of all professions, occupations, and academic disciplines.
Connecticut Historical Society - Civil War Collection
The Connecticut Historical Society has an extensive collection of Civil War related material: private letters of soldiers and their families, stationary, edged weapons and firearms, costumes, and prints and lithographs.

Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield CT

Authentic Sutlers

Big Bear Trading Co.

The Regimental Quartermaster

Blanket Brigade

Historical Seamstress

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