2d Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment

Contact Information

Thank you for contacting the Second Ct Vol. Heavy Artillery:
We are based in Woodbury CT. and have members throughout Connecticut. In late January the membership will set the schedule for the entire season.
Our members are volunteers and will set their work & family schedules around the up and coming season.
So please review the questions below before contacting us if you are planning a school event or Living History event.

What Day
Back up day
What time frame during the day
Inside or outside
Are Muskets & Firing allowed for demonstrations
How many students or classes would be attending
What type of Living History do you envision and would like cover.
We are a non-profit organization. Will a donation be made?

Contact the commanding officer : Captain Ray Manzi remanzi@hotmail.com,

1st Sgt Victor Scalora at vscalora@aol.com.

For further information on the history of the regiment, please contact the regimental historian,
Corporal Duke Breon at dbreon2@yahoo.com

For Civilian information contact Diane Asselin seanbrettsmom@yahoo.com

Contact our Executive Board: Randy Pesut rand_5635@yahoo.com

Any questions regarding the maintenance of this webpage can be directed to Private Joe Santacroce at josantac@optonline.net

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